We offer a range of services to help you develop and grow your business:

Website Design and Development - bespoke website design to suit your exact requirements, beautifully designed websites to hep you promote your company to a global audience.

E-commerce Websites - from taking payments simply via PayPal to full online shops with multiple options for sizes, colours, brands, fabrics etc., unlimited products and categories as well as integration with your preferred merchant payment gateway.

Marketing and Mentoring - Cheryl Hopkins is a qualified marketing advisor as well as providing mentoring services to companies who require a helping and guiding hand.

Range of Services
Web design and development


We offer two types of website:

1) Bespoke designs and site build: we design a website specifically for you and to work with your existing marketing materials and brand identity. The website is then built around your approved design and because we use a separate server for developing websites, you can see the progress of your site as it is built.

We use WordPress to develop our websites, using a bespoke design and layout which is then developed so that you have complete control over the content: you can add new pages and new categories, manage all text and images, add a blog to your site, upload DVD's and PDF's etc. Our sites are built using responsive website design which means that they automatically resize on any screen size, so when you view it on your smartphone, tablet, notepad, laptop or large desktop computer the website will automatically adjust to fit.

After an initial meeting we will provide you with a detailed proposal containing suggestions and recommendations for your website.
We will also prepare a Suggested Site Navigation Map so that you can see exactly how the pages link together, this can be tweaked and amended to suit your exact requirements.

We can programme flexible and easy to maintain online shops, see our page on Ecommerce for more details - just let us know what you want.

2) Template Designs: From a wide range of template designed sites we completely customise the design to suit your exact requirements. The sites are hugely flexible and can contain image galleries, online shops, videos, online booking via availability calendars, social media integration and lots more.


We always use Open Source software for our ecommerce websites which means no monthly/ annual licence or maintenance fees. It provides you with enormous flexibility by having an easy to maintain ecommerce shop which has a bespoke design and is tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Each site will have the usual range of functions including :

  • Unlimited products and pages
  • Zoom over image function for product pages
  • Related products to encourage more sales
  • Payment integration with PayPal or your preferred payment gateway
  • Full admin services for reports, client admin, guest purchases, shipping and tax control
  • The website is set up to be maintained by the client, with us always on hand to help.
Ecommerce Websites
Marketing & Mentoring


Cheryl Hopkins is a qualified e-business and marketing advisor providing advice to business start ups through to large well established companies throughout the Highlands of Scotland. She is also a Business Mentor.  See the Business Mentoring feature in the December 2014 Executive Magazine.

Cheryl was awarded the contract to become a specialist marketing and internet advisor for Business Gateway, Highlands and Islands.

Cheryl has nearly 30 years hands on marketing experience and has run her own businesses since 1998. She has a refreshingly common sense approach to marketing - she wants your company to succeed as much as you do and will use all of her online and conventional offline marketing experience to help you achieve that.

The first one to one consultation is FREE. This session will enable us to get to know each other and we can establish what areas of the business requires mentoring/marketing help and advice.

We can show you how we work and what we can do for you. Thereafter our consultancy charges start from £50.00 per hour.

How Does it Work?

We would normally meet between one and two hours each month (more if you have a special event or activity you wish to plan) to discuss the status of your business and how we can help. Simply by talking we can ease the pressure off your shoulders and help you concentrate on doing the things you want to do.

We have been there, we know what it is like to need a bit of help now and again; to be able to bounce ideas around with someone outside of your company can be like a breath of fresh air which can reinvigorate you and your business.

But we don't just provide advice, we are a marketing consultancy with special expertise and knowledge of the internet and internet marketing, so if your company needs an online presence, we can design and develop a professional website which you can maintain yourself, choosing from our template designs or using our Bespoke Website Design Service.

See here for a feature in the Executive Magazine referring to my Mentoring programme with Gael Holiday Homes and the mentoring testimonial from Practically Green.

For more information contact Cheryl Hopkins at or call 01456 476749